Nayland finally free from the 80’s

The Student Support Centre sports a touch of the new green

Along with many new upgrades at Nayland College, the early 2016 re-paint has been one of the most significant and controversial.

“Nayland College is an exciting, innovative place. We have to have a few more exciting colours,” property manager Margaret Le Nedelec said. She has been working alongside principal Daniel Wilson to achieve a modern look for Nayland through updating the paint work.

The Spanish white base coating the buildings along with the putty colour on the library contributed to the outdated look which held the school back in the 80/90’s era. “The yellow that we had on the library, that had to go” Mrs Le Nedelec said.

The team was given the opportunity by the Board of Trustees to repaint the school altogether. This was a change from previous years when they could only repaint the school block by block. “We could have another fresh look at the colours and modernise them,” the property manager said.

Mrs. Le Nedelec worked alongside a colour architect who established the green around the campus. “We had it in a lot more places and I’ve pulled it right back to accent hand rails and just a few splashes around the place” she said.

Principal Mr. Wilson had a similar opinion to Mrs. Le Nedelec on the green paint use. “I personally felt that it was a little bit too overpowering when it was on a big wall.”

As for a modern looking school, some people still aren’t convinced by the green colour, while others think the opposite. “They either love it or hate it, but of course most people will only come and tell me if they love it” Mrs Le Nedelec said.

“I like the other colours, but not the green on its own” a senior student said. None of the twelve students surveyed were in favour of the new colour on its own.

The cyclical maintenance routine of Nayland College meant that the buildings were due for a repaint. The approaching 50th Jubilee prompted the task to be finished in time so that the school wouldn’t look exactly the same as past pupils remembered it.