Back into sport and leadership

Taylah holds up the Wicken Trophy for doing what she loves

Selected three years ago for the New Zealand Elite Touch Academy, a back injury prevented Taylah Kirker from attending. Now she is back into sport, as well as being one of 2016’s Student Leaders.

A committed sports player, Taylah spends her free time involved in touch, netball and basketball.

“I was always quite a tomboy growing up. We had a farm in Murchison so we’d spend heaps of time down there. I was always on the touch field” she said.

Outside of school, she spends a lot of her time training, playing and travelling with sport. She is also interested in music, with broadcasting as her number one career preference.

A natural leader, Taylah has been involved in leadership roles ever since she was a child. “I was bossy from a young age, that’s for sure” she said.

One of the first opportunities that she pursued was a place in her primary school’s council. She also became one of the first sports leaders at Tahunanui School.

She admitted that she was pushed to pursue the role as one of Nayland College’s Student Leaders by her older brother in a case of sibling rivalry.

“My brother was a student leader when I was year eight, so ever since he got it I was like, ‘I want to get that too, I want to be better than my brother’. I think it was him pushing me the most to get it” she said.

Taylah is confident about influencing the school in a positive way.”I hope to make a difference. Everyone says that they want to do this but I want to be the one who does make the change.”

Through being a student leader, she wants to become broader and step outside her comfort zone. “I’m not a shy person but there’s certain things that I just don’t want to do. To develop more as a person would be my main goal.”