Board rep by day, tree hugger by night   

Fynn (left) discusses environmental issues with the Governor General.

Draco house leader and student board representative Fynn Sawyer excels not only academically but in helping the environment also.

He has been involved in the Nayland Environment Sustainability Team, better known as N.E.S.T since starting Nayland College back in 2013. Fynn is the co-leader of the Nelson Youth Climate Action group, along with being part of the Young Greens group in Nelson. He leads a Youth Council environment sub group too.


Fynn has always wanted to get involved in as much as possible and has done just that with projects and opportunities through Nayland College. Becoming the student representative on the Board of Trustees was a big achievement.

The main reason Fynn went for the role was so he could help make a difference in the school. “I could make a really big difference in the school by helping out with some of the government level decisions,” he said. “Also talking to students about what they think around all the decisions that are being made, for effectively what’s going to be their future, so I really wanted to be a part of that.”


Economics is a subject Fynn enjoys a lot. Politics are a big interest of his as well so that is why economics appeals so much to him. ” It’s really interesting looking at some of the bigger economic theories that really surround everything that happens in everyday life,” he said.



Another subject favourite for Fynn is drama. He has gotten involved in the two school productions Nayland College is putting on this year, Great Expectations which has already been performed and Bye Bye Birdy which is still to come.”I really enjoy drama which I find is quite a creative thing and it’s really great to be able to act something out and become someone else.”

From drama to the environment, Fynn seems to be a man of all trades. “I love the environment. Gotta save the environment,” he said.


By student reporter Tanesha Waitai