But first, breakfast please! 

The Breakfast Club sign welcomes everyone.

There is no better way to start the day than having a good breakfast with your friends. The Kickstart Breakfast Club started at Nayland College nearly two years ago. 

One of the reasons behind this is if students are well fed, they will work better. Since then the club has been serving breakfast to up to 30 students a day.   

The Breakfast Club is a partnership between Sanitarium and Fonterra who supply weet-bix and milk. However, the reasons behind the Kickstart charity are not so nice. For a while now New Zealand has been developing a high population of hungry children, with about 1 in 4 going without basics in the day. Nayland has become 1 in 890 schools who have started their own breakfast club.

The club is run by volunteers Claire Parrott, Marie Farrar and Alison Paton, who each give up one morning to come in. “We’re just 3 mums that help out,” explains Wednesday volunteer Marie. These volunteers add to the positive atmosphere, being typical mums and welcoming anyone who comes in. Marie enjoys helping out and often brings cupcakes but doesn’t forget to remind students about manners and kindness. “I like to nag everybody,” she said with a wink.

Marie’s cupcakes and welcoming nature have become highlights for club students Jack and James. They say the bond between volunteers and students is really close. “They share a few personal stories,” James said.

According to the Sanitarium website, research shows “not only is [the programme] helping children nutritionally but is also making a positive impact on learning behaviour.” Teacher facilitator Gerd Banke says it is common for a student to be ununfocussed because they’re hungry and that’s why the club welcomes everyone.

The club runs on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the year 13 common room, welcoming everyone who wants to join. So, why not go to the Breakfast Club, get to know some new people and eat some food… because breakfast is better together!


By student reporters Erika Schrader and Kaya Seeliger