Conservationist returns to teaching

Mr Isherwood and friend on the job.

Courtenay Isherwood recently became a social studies teacher at Nayland College. It is a big lifestyle change for him, as he has spent the last couple of years as a conservation worker.

Although new to Nayland, Mr. Isherwood is no stranger to teaching. He previously was a teacher at Trident High School in Whakatane before he begun conservation work. Some might call the two jobs polar opposite but Mr. Isherwood doesn’t really see that big of a difference. “The values are quite similar regarding giving back,” he said.

Mr. Isherwood found that the biggest difference with the change of jobs is the level of maturity and demand with who he deals with daily. The change from what he described as “working in very small groups of all adults… to a large number of [junior] students,” is something that may take a while for him to adjust to. 

Students of that age need a lot more support than the adults he previously worked with did.  However,  he believes it’s all worth it as he is thoroughly enjoying his time working as a teacher at Nayland.

He hopes to have a career in the future that combines both conversational work and teaching together. ”My passion is the outdoors and maybe in the future I could merge the two,” he explained.

But as of now Mr Isherwood is confident that teaching is a foreseeable part of his near future. When asked where he sees himself in the future, he stated that he “would like to think I’m still teaching to some capacity.”

By Olivia Cotton