Cullen slam dunks leadership role

Cullen Riley wants to pursue leadership on and off the court

Being the only male in the Riley’s triplet trio has guided Cullen to be the confident leader that he is today. This has resulted in him achieving a Nayland college student leader role for 2016, alongside his sister Tessa.

Cullen is one of triplets and this contributes to his strong connection to family. He has always aspired to be like his older brother Angus since a young age. This influenced him to apply for the student leader role. “I look up to him, he’s my brother,” Cullen said. Angus also achieved Nayland College student leader in his final year in 2012.

Basketball has always been an important aspect of Cullen’s life . His passion began from a young age after watching Angus play.  He now plays professionally in the USA. “ I mean he’s one reason why I carried it on,” Cullen explained. Cullen has played in the Nayland college senior A team since year 10 and now plays a key leadership role within the team.  He hopes to see the Nayland team qualify for nationals this year, building on last year’s performance.

Tahunanui Primary supplied Cullen with “a great bunch of life long friends.” He believes that the friends he has gained have been the reason that he has stayed so grounded at school and continued to have such a passion in leadership. Cullen hopes to attend Victoria University next year to study a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in economics and marketing.