Dramatic move for drama teacher

Mr Bentley has a passion for learning

For as long as he can remember, Anton Bentley has been interested in Drama. From play acting with friends as a child, to major roles in plays such as As You Like It and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, it seemed only natural that he would eventually pursue a career in Drama. However, it was by chance that Mr Bentley was approached by someone about becoming a teacher. “I was directing a show in St Cuthberts in Auckland and someone I knew saw the show and said if you get a teaching degree you can get a job at McLeans and I fell into it that way”.

He started teaching at McLeans college in 2004 and has been teaching ever since. For Mr Bentley the most rewarding part about being a teacher is seeing a student make a breakthrough and do better than they thought they could. “It’s not about necessarily being an excellence student but achieving personal bests and making a break through, really going for it and coming up with something great”.

This desire to see students do their best is evident beyond the classroom setting with Mr Bentley taking on a key role as the Director of Annie Get Your Gun, Nayland’s 2016 school musical. However, growing up Mr Bentley was too inhibited to even audition for his own school show until he reached year twelve. It took for him to realise that it was okay to make a mistake and know that you’ve given it a go and that’s the best you can do. He talks about the importance of a “stuff it – I’m going to give it a go and do it anyway” attitude.

Drama isn’t the only thing that Mr Bentley likes to do and since coming to Nelson he has enjoyed swimming in the Maitai river, going to Zumo for coffee and the relaxed feel of the city. His desire to leave Auckland led him to Nayland and he is so far enjoying his time here.

Changing schools is never an easy task but Mr Bentley is starting to get used to the different culture of Nayland. He is looking forward to the challenges this year will bring and all the projects that are underway. Look out for Mr Bentley as he embraces all that Nayland has to offer.