English teacher rocks and rolls

Mr Fa'avae helps student

Playing in a band is one of English teacher Brayden Fa’avae’s many talents. “I’m a songwriter, that’s my hobby,” he said.

Mr. Fa’avae has moved to Nelson recently from Christchurch, where he was in a band. He thinks they’ll stay together even though they live in three different parts of the world. “We’ll keep chipping away at things and when we’re all here maybe we might make some other music,” he said.

Moving to Nelson has had positive affects on Mr. Fa’avae’s life. “My brother is here, my dad is here, so it’s really good to reconnect with family,” he said on how the change has made life easier. “Nelson is a little smaller than Christchurch and simpler in some ways.” After  working in Christchurch for nine years he said it was time for a change, and moving back to his hometown felt right.

However, coming to Nayland College hasn’t been too much of a change. In his opinion the students are similar to the ones he knew, even though the timetable and structure of the school is different. He is enthusiastic about all Nayland has to offer. “There’s a good balance between academic culture and sports culture and things here. There’s lots of opportunities.”

Teaching English was something Mr. Fa’avae didn’t plan on until university, where he studied history, politics and classics. “[I] found the results from English were a lot better. It was at that point that I decided to follow the path of less resistance.” He doesn’t plan on moving into becoming a history teacher in the future.