First-ever Circuit magazine set to hit shelves 

The launch of the new school magazine is nearly here with copies available for purchase from early next week.

The magazine is named Circuit in acknowledgement of the long-standing Nayland College student newspaper by the same name. Content has been generated entirely by Nayland students and features journalism students’ articles, a selection painting, digital art and photography work, and original writing.

Oversight of the magazine has also been by students. Editors and Year 13 journalism students Emma Nell and Rebecca Werensteyn have been involved from the very beginning after journalism teacher Sera King approached them early in the year. They were keen on the concept for the magazine (borrowed from a Christchurch school), which is to promote and celebrate student writing and art work, and to reflect the unique character of our school.

Not having a template from a previous magazine to refer to meant the whole process was a huge learning curve for the pair. They had to learn a new design programme, set up a template, make printing decisions, as well as generate content and follow up on other contributors to meet deadlines. As the deadline for printing loomed, the dedicated duo spent the first week of the October holidays at school making editorial decisions  and laying out content.

When asked if they would do it again, Rebecca was quick to say yes, though she added that she would make sure she had  a bigger team behind her and would delegate more. Emma also felt the experience was worthwhile. “I have learnt so many skills and so much from this whole process and seeing it come off the press, knowing I can say ‘I made a magazine!’ It’s not like I just helped out and put a couple of things in, I actually made it from nothing to something.”’

Get your copy of the brand new 2017 Circuit magazine from the Business Centre for $10 from next Wednesday.

By Sera King