Indigo claims throne as one of the new student leaders

Indigo enjoys the outdoors on an earth and marine science trip.

The social environment at Nayland, as well as the world wide environmental crisis, are both important issues that concern 2017 student leader Indigo Levett.  However, leadership is not the only thing on her plate.

Indigo has lived in Nelson for the majority of her lifetime which suits her active life style perfectly. When she’s not busy with the administration of the school, Indigo enjoys spending her time in the outdoors doing white water kayaking and mountain biking. “New Zealand is amazing for that, definitely. Especially Nelson, you’ve got like a national park in every direction,” she said. Drama, theatre and music are also great interests of hers and she both sings and plays the guitar.

While involved in leadership roles in intermediate school, Indigo remembers looking up to the year 13 student leaders who later inspired her to give the position a go for herself. Other heroes of hers include Jane Goodall and Nelson Mandela, both humanitarian workers and historical icons. “Nelson Mandela, he’s a classic isn’t he. Everybody loves Nelson Mandela. He’s awesome,” Indigo said.

During her reign as student leader Indigo aims to give more power to the students’ voice. She also intends to improve the school’s recycling system.

When finished with school, Indigo plans to study environmental science in Wellington, after first taking some time exploring the world outside of New Zealand. “I think that what I might do next year is I’ll probably take a year or two off and do some travelling and see some things that I haven’t seen yet,” she said.

Indigo doesn’t seem too worried of what the future holds, and as she put it herself, she’s “(…) just kinda taking it as it comes.”

By international student reporter Anna Sødahl