Keen rugby player joins college ruck

Maths and digital technology teacher Colin Gravett is a new addition to our school and an enthusiastic sports player. He has moved from Canterbury with his wife and daughter and is very excited to be here.

Mr Gravett is inspired by his father. He would like to help the students of Nayland College to learn in fun and abstract ways, like his father taught him. “My dad was my inspiration to be a teacher because he was incredibly good at teaching and he taught me really cool ways of thinking through rugby and that learning wasn’t just reading books and remembering things,” he said.

Mr Gravett would like to help Nayland College students to be their absolute best. “I really wanted to improve the industry in some way by getting younger people to realize that just because you’re good at something, [that] doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. I wanted people to realize working together and communication is probably the most powerful thing you can do,” he said.

Mr Gravett’s goal was always to work with computers. “When I was younger, I was a geek so I was always going to work with computers. I grew up in a country town and the only jobs that were around then were farming jobs but I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I went and did a computer course.”

His interest in computers is still there, just in a different form, in his role as digital technology teacher.

By student reporter Claudia Schroder