Brass band beginnings for new music teacher

Mr Weeks sets up to tutor

New music teacher at Nayland, Nigel Weeks became interested in music in his hometown in South Wales. “My friends were playing in the local brass band in Tredegar where I grew up and I just went along to see what it was like and then never looked back.”

Mr Weeks said the real importance of music is that people have the opportunity to take part in some kind of music making. “Unfortunately, students in some schools are not experiencing music at a young enough age,” he explains.

Tredegar is a small coal mining town in the UK. “The town has a clock in its square and it was a very cultural place to grow up,” he said. Gardening, searching through antique shops and playing squash are some of Nigel’s hobbies he enjoys in his spare time. Cycling is something he wants to get into to discover all the wonderful cycle tracks. “I might buy a bike though it will have to be one with an electric motor for the journey home!”

Mr Weeks embraces the challenge of working with people of all ages and watching them progress as they learn new things which is why he became a music teacher. He encourages students to study music. “Just give any opportunity a go. Music is fun and rewarding. You will just go from strength to strength.”