New deputy principal jumps islands for Nayland

Jane Townsend embraces her new role at Nayland. 

New Nayland College Deputy Principal Jane Townsend moved islands to take the opportunity of her new job here in Nelson.

Ms Townsend lived at Mount Manganui at the North Island and taught outdoor education there for the past 16 years.

She first heard about Nayland College when a former German student who came to the Mount told her about the school and its outdoor education programme. Then last year Ms Townsend decided to visit Nelson and look out for the college.

During the planning of her mountain bike adventure with her father, the job of the deputy principal came up at Nayland, so she came to have a closer look at the school. Ms Townsend got a very good impression about the college and the students she met. “(…) I was really impressed and I felt like it was a good time to come to the school,” she said.

It is very important to Ms Townsend to get involved in the school environment and to connect with students. She is teaching one class and through that she is getting to know her students very well. “(…) I am looking for ways to connect with as many students as I can,” she said.

Her expectations for an ideal school environment are very similar to Nayland’s values. It is very important to her that students cherish the opportunities of the outdoors in Nelson but also enjoy going to school at Nayland. “I think it is really important that students have an the opportunity to lead their own learning and to bring who they are into the learning environment,” Ms Townsend said.

Ms. Townsend is happy to get involved as much as she can in the school and encourages the learning environment for Nayland students.  “I would like to see all of our students really excited about learning and coming to school,” she explained. “I know that a lot of our students are, but I think no matter who you are you can always improve and work towards being better.”

By international student reporter Leonie Schuessler