New sports coordinator hits the ground running

She is only in her fifth week at Nayland College, but our new sports coordinator Angela Baker has “hit the ground running”.

Ms Baker’s role at Nayland is to work in conjunction with sports director Dayna Whiting to help students make the most out of the sports on offer.

Ms Baker is originally from Manchester, England. She moved to New Zealand in 2006, and after a few years of work in the sport and health sectors, she decided to take the opportunity to start her own business that focuses on delivering fitness sessions to a variety of people. “I work with them in a pool environment, which is quite an equalising environment for everybody,” she said.

Her free time consists mainly of completing physical activity or fitness for herself. She practises yoga, weight trains and boxes from time to time. Although she doesn’t play a sport, she will watch anything that is on TV.  “I love all sports, and I’m really quite a geek for sports,” Ms Baker said.

She loves to take opportunities and make the most of everywhere she goes, such as in India, where she was influenced by the food, and now can mix her own spices to make authentic Indian dishes. She incorporates spice into her everyday meals, even bringing chillies to school to accompany her lunch.

Angela Baker says she is loving her time at this school, and her first impressions regarding Nayland are positive, as the atmosphere of the school really stands out for her.  “I get the distinct impression that students are very much allowed to be themselves, and are encouraged to do that, but working very nicely within the parameters of what the school wants to uphold.”

Looking to the future, a trip back to England is on the cards within the next year to see family; something she hasn’t done in five years. Also on her bucket list for this passionate traveller is going to Thailand, Canada and back to India .

By student reporter Josh Carter