New support person loves ‘active relaxing’

Janelle loves to be \'busy and active\'.

Janelle Cochrane is a “really active relaxer”. She is Nayland College’s latest member of the international office where she works as a support person. There she cares for the wellbeing of the international students.


Janelle’s hobbies include traveling, singing, dancing, spending time with her family, cooking and good food, music and being busy most of the time. “I like to be busy and active,” she said. She found her passion for cooking and food when she tried the taste of Asian cuisine like Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Janelle came back to Nelson 6 years ago after touring countries in Asia and Europe. “I went overseas and lived 2 years in Asia and taught. I went to London and worked there for a while, traveled to Europe and then 6 years ago I came back to Nelson and had my baby,” Janelle said. Now she’s living with her husband, her son and her crazy dog Archie.

In her holidays she loves to spend time with her family and friends. Action shouldn’t be missed. Hanmer Springs is a popular destination every year for the family and they often make new friends there. In any free time she likes to go to Golden Bay or Christchurch to visit friends. The plans for her winter holidays are set. “This year we have a trip to Canada which I’m really looking forward to. It’s my husband’s brother’s wedding,” she said.

Her inspirations in life are her passion for traveling and the people with whom she spends the most time “Family and friends are most important to me. For me, people are more important than things,” she said.





By international student reporter Kaya Seeliger