Post-military passion for digital learning

Mr Patillo introducing the day's lesson to one of his mixed senior classes


From being attached to a U.S amphibious assault ship during conflict in Somalia to teaching our very own digital tech classes at Nayland, Edward Pattillo’s life leading up to his move from Texas to New Zealand is a fascinating one. His insights into the military politics of what happened in Somalia and it’s messy nature were intriguing, and when asked if this played some part in him leaving the military he chuckled that in fact the reasoning behind it was purely romantic.

He met a girl while serving in the navy and moved to Perth.“Western Australia more specifically and we so called fell in love and all that nonsense”.

Pattillo completed a Bachelor in Multimedia while he was living in Australia, graduated in 2004 and developed a fascination with digital education and E-learning. He also did cognitive psychology and education related topics in that field, subsequently discovering his passion for education. “I decided that I just like teaching! My mother, grandmother and auntie are all teachers they just do that y’know. I love it, there’s always something to learn, I’m always inspired” he said.

Mr Pattillo graduated from his teacher training in 2005 in Christchurch. He spoke about the nature of education and his thoughts on New Zealand being ahead of the rest of the world in terms of how our schools work. On this subject he spoke about his passion and how  “Teaching is one of the most satisfying things a person can do”.

Student driven subjects and how NCEA caters to individualized learning really fits into his idea of “not putting square pegs into round holes.”

Pattillo takes two year 13 classes, two year 12 classes and one year 10. His classes run in a student driven fashion which encourages learning in fields that students are individually interested in. Pattillo is extremely enthusiastic about technology and learning, two essential traits of a teacher in this field making his presence at Nayland entirely positive not only for the digital tech department but for the college as a whole.