Production armed and loaded

Cast members have fun while learning dance moves

Annie get your Gun is a musical about a group of traveling performers who go from town to town challenging people to rifle competitions. Annie, a young girl from this group, wants to be the best at shooting. She is also in love with the best shooter around, Frank Butler. Mr. Bentley, Nayland’s drama teacher, and Mr Weeks, Nayland’s music teacher, have chosen this Western themed musical for the 2016 production.

Lead actress Casey Crocker thinks the message of this story is especially important to girls. Annie Oakly wins against the best shooter, Frank Butler, and proves women can shoot. “A lot of girls believe they aren’t good enough for specific gender roles,” she says about her character being thought of as not good enough to shoot because of her gender. The character is very headstrong and proves herself to her community.

The cast didn’t know what the production would be when they auditioned but are now very excited about working on it. Crocker is looking forward to working with many new people this term. She’s most excited about “working with the entire cast and with the directors.” Production director Mr. Bentley is excited about what everyone will bring to the show. “It’s going to be a new experience here working with different teams of people. I really like the collaborative nature of working on a show,” he said.

Mr. Weeks and Mr. Bentley will be co-directing Annie get your Gun. “We [have] got to agree on what we want to do and the casting. Mr. Weeks is in charge of what it sounds like, and I’m in charge of everything else,” Mr. Bentley explained.

The show will be held August 5-11th, with rehearsals already well underway. An intensive term is in store for all those involved.