Stefan Hervel seeks new adventure 

Mr. Hervel and his students practice the art of gardening.

Stefan Hervel has joined our school this year as part of the team in the Learning Support Centre, saying he was ready for a new adventure.

Stefan followed his mother’s profession in special education after she set up a ten pin bowling club which allowed him and his friends to get to know those with disabilities in his community. He says it opened his eyes and helped him realise his passion for this area. From there he trained to become a teacher.

Mr Hervel enjoys this type of work because it allows him to connect with students and families on a different level than other teachers do. “I enjoy seeing the students achieve something (…) so once we get to those steps and reach another milestone its really rewarding for the students and for me,” he said.

Originally from the small town Lüdenscheid, in Germany, he came to New Zealand with his wife in early 2000 for a “change of lifestyle.” He now has three kids who he likes experiencing NZ with by taking them tramping and on other adventurous activities. “You get a different experience” he said when comparing this country to Europe. “Nelson is a smaller city. It’s a lot different to my home town, which is bigger and seems busier.”

Since the change of scenery, Stefan has worked around the schools in Nelson as a reliever and full time teacher at Maitai School. This is a small school specifically set up for students with disabilities from the ages 5-21. He has spent his last 13 years as a classroom teacher providing support to Maitai students. “I get to make good relationships with the students and families,” he explained.

He says although he enjoys working at Maitai, the two days a week which he will spend at Nayland will allow him some diversity with the different students he is fortunate to teach. He’s only been here a few weeks, but when asked, his students had nothing but nice things to say about their new teacher.

By Student Reporter: Erika Schrader