Student leader balances responsibility and fun

Vika isn\'t shy about striking a pose.

Nayland College student and 2017 student leader Vika Piukala has been in leadership roles since the primary days.


Vika is a very busy person, being a student leader and also part of the International Committee.

Vika has a drive for roles with responsibility but prefers the fun side of being a leader, not the serious side. “I’ve just always loved having a leadership role having to be like that fun kind of leader type,” she stated.

Vika has been inspired by many people at Nayland, such as the previous student leaders that made her want to be one this year. Teachers have also had a big impact on her school life. “I have to pick Mr. Matthews because through my years in school, he’s always been that one [to say] ‘yeah you can do this’,” she said.

The PE teachers such as Mr. King have also had a big impact on her life. She said he pushed her further to do more things that she thought she could.

The Dunedin-born student moved to sunny Nelson when she was 6 years old. Outside of school, she loves to do hip-hop dancing, eating, quite enjoys studying and just spending time with family and friends.

Her favorite class at school would have to be chemistry, and for a fun class she chose math with Ms. Adair. “I’ve loved math since from year 12,” she said.



By student reporter Hayley Ewers