Student leader embraces new role

Sam trains with the Giants.

Year 13 student leader Sam Seelen enjoys being able to have a positive impact on Nayland College. Sam has attended Nayland since year 9 but only decided he would like to run for the role as a student leader last year.


Sam looked up to the previous student leaders getting involved in a variety of school events. He decided he’d like to have the same impact on the younger students by becoming a student leader himself. “It’s cool having the juniors look up to you,” he said. For him the role as a student leader definitely pays off.

There are many advantages when it comes to being a leader, such as having a good reputation around school, as well as being acknowledged for many events. However, being a student leader still comes with its disadvantages. “It’s a big commitment and being a student leader takes up a bit of your free time,” Sam said.

Sam is originally from Christchurch but moved to Nelson when he was only 4. Despite that, he considers Nelson as his home town and has a lot of good friends here. Sam holds the desire to travel. “It would be cool to go to the States at some point,” he said.

Sport and fitness is a massive part of Sam’s life. He prefers basketball and volleyball over other sports and hopes to make a career out of it some day. He has a goal to follow through with basketball after school and see where it takes him in the future. “I’m training with the Giants basketball team at the moment,” he said.  Continuously busy with the role as a student leader, sport is something that Sam can turn to for some down time.



By student reporter Stevie Findlay