Students succeed at festival

Junior students perform the classic \'Romeo and Juliet\'. 

On Saturday the 8th of April, eight groups of Nayland College students participated in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival with vast success, taking home multiple awards.

Sheilah Winn is an annual performing arts festival that allows students to showcase their talent, while also competing for the chance to perform at the highly esteemed Shakespeare Globe Center. From there students will be chosen to study for a year at the London Globe Theatre which is the original theatre that hosted Shakespeare’s plays.

This year the festival was held at Motueka High School. Students bustled in at 8:30am ready for a long day of performances. Upon arrival, students were feeling “really nervous and excited.”

Of the awards given at the event, 4 were presented to Nayland College students.

The Willpower Productions Award for Best Understanding of the Text was awarded to Theo Skylakis and Freya Jordan (Measure for Measure).

The Garrick Theatre Award For Best Delivery of Lines went to Indigo Levett (Merchant of Venice).

The Hillwood Trophy for Best Junior Performance went to Ruby Lucas, Brodie Seelen, Evie Lockerbie and Gaea Rottenberg (Romeo and Juliet).

The final award was a direct entry into the NSSP (National Schools Shakespeare Production) which is one step closer to being selected to study at the Globe Theatre in London. This award was given to Indigo Levett.

“The Shakespeare Festival was an abundance of fun. I feel Nayland did really well with the achievements they made,” performer Tacy Eyles commented on the day. Head of Drama Mr Bentley was pleased with the outcome. “All did extremely well and the competition was very high. I am extremely proud,” he said.

The event was founded in 1991. A key focus of the event is for students to take ownership of the production of their performances, with students directing 70% of the scenes.

By student reporters Jaid Russ and Freya Jordan