Well traveled teacher strives in new job

Ms Paul (left) is hard at work.

Well-traveled science and biology teacher Glenis Paul has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Zoology.  She has worked in 14 different schools in six different countries and has plenty of advice to give.

Ms. Paul has taught in five countries including Burma, Hong Kong, Korea, China and England. Working in these places is the result of Ms Paul’s travel bug. “I sort of fell into teaching. I traveled for a few years, did things in different places and at 25 I thought I should get a job,” she said.  “I wanted a job that would allow me to travel, have holidays and still make money and I thought, teaching will do. The schools have all been really fun, unique and interesting.”

Being a teacher is fulfilling according to Ms Paul. She teaches years 9 to 12. “Helping students to discover what they’re passionate about, its really satisfying, you see the growth in the person and the changes that happen,” she said.

After joining Nayland College last year, Ms Paul said Nayland College is different to other schools in a great way. “It’s a school that helps students find their way, find out about themselves and acknowledges the individuality of the person”.

Ms Paul has been appointed to an exciting position where she helps the gifted and talented and their teachers to make the most of their abilities. It is a new job so she is just getting a feel for it. She helps the students in all aspects such as sports, leadership and arts. “It should be exciting and has been interesting so far,” she said.

Ms Paul and another teacher have set up an after school science club called SAS.  “It stands for Serious About Science and is a club for students in year 9 & 10, ” she said. “It’s just about giving the students the opportunity to do things in science that they can’t do in class. It is completely student-driven and encourages curiosity in the students.”

By Naomi Tomasson